Saturday, May 18, 2013

I was able to participate at EAA's Kidventure during the Airventure Airshow. Kidventure was set up to give kids a hands on learning expirence of aircraft building and flying. There were all kinds of people from all over the world that came through. There were some notable highlights. There was a astronaut that was just passing through. He was looking at my booth, and I asked him if he was involved in NASA in some way. He said, "Yes, I have been to the International Space Station twice." His name is Scot Horowitz. He did climb into my Mercury capsule, so I can now say that a real astronaut has sat in my capsule. A 2nd highlight was when the Directors of the NTSB stopped by my booth and took a look at my capsule. Also, the director of the FAA stopped and looked at my capsule.


  1. is their a set of design plans for the capsual i would like to make one for my children
    thanks and regards

    1. Sorry I have not replied. There are not any available ready to plans that can help anyone fabricate an accurate Mercury capsule. There are lots of original user manuals that I looked at as references that gave me an idea of how the parts looked as they were assembled. I had a few known dimensional numbers that were like a key to figure out what the scale to scale size would be to the whole capsule. The big problem is what the actual size ended up being. The widest point of the heat shield is 74.5 inches wide. That ends up being too wide to fit through any set of double doors. For most of the events I have been invited to, I am always set up outside due to the capsule being just a hair too big. The capsule stays in the garage except for events.
      My apologies for replying a year later. My capsule events have been very little lately and I have been working more than usual.